Are Gruesli really unique pieces, born only by the hands of Mamma Gruesli in Switzerland? This means there is no Gruesli which is the same as another and yet all are made with lots of love?

How do I recognize an original Gruesli?
Each original Gruesli comes along with an ID card, numbered, with birth date, name and signed by Mamma Gruesli in person. Original pieces always have the stitched cross (but let's call it for what it is: asshole) on the back and a woven label with the logo on the lower right side of the body. You may recognize them as well for their quirky personality...

How long does it take to make one?
It depends a lot on the complexity of the piece. Some can take one day, some just 3-4 hours, the very big ones many days....

Are Grueslis suitable for children?
Gruesli are art pieces that mimic toys. They are not toys. They are not for children under the age of six and are not recommended for children aged 14 years or less without parental supervision. Small objects on some of the pieces present a choking hazard.

I would like to carry the Gruesli line in my gallery/shop, how does it work? What are your wholesale conditions?
Thank you very much for your interest, please e-mail Mamma Gruesli introducing your gallery/shop and she will then E-mail back the wholesale conditions along with everything else you wish to know. 

Do you pay the legal costs incurred by my Gruesli?
Only if you Gruesli wins the lottery!

When should I expect my Gruesli to die?

If you treat it well you won’t get rid of it so quickly. Grueslis may live longer than you and be there for the next generation.